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Tax Preparation & Accounting Services

student rate special

Yes, we offer a special rate to college students. We know how difficult it could be to work and attend college at the same time and we want to ease the financial burden of filing taxes.


Like many college students in our area, I was working and studying at the same time. I got up early in the morning to drive to a train station, went to the city to work, then took the train back to my car, drove to college for my classes, then drove to my second job, tutoring school age kids and at the end of the day I still felt I could not make ends meet. 

So, if you work while in college or keep changing for a better one to get through college and get three, four or even more W-2s and 1099-Misc and you just donā€™t know what to do with them, you have come to the right place. At Abraham Cohan CPA, we understand you.


Our student rate does not depend on your age, the only condition is that you be enrolled at least half time in an accredited college. Furthermore, our special rate does not depend on where you live or if you could come to our office to prepare your taxes. We can connect via phone or email. 

Our short term mission is to help you manage your finances and focus on your studies. On the other hand, we want to build a long term relationship with you and serve you as you grow in your career. If your long term goals include opening your own practice, we could help you establish your legal entity, getting you a tax I.D., explain different options and tax consequences and manage your day-to-day accounting and tax needs. 

Here is the DEAL: We offer a $99 tax return preparation to students with valid ID and mentioning of this ad. That is right! Only $99 for preparation of your Federal, State and e-Filing of your personal return. 

Check out our Services page for complete list of what we offer. Meanwhile, good luck in your studies!